Bsc Csit : Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Professional Computer experts.


The mission of faculty of Central department of Computer Science and Information Technology, TU’s Bsc CSIT program is to develop social responsible, scientific approached , and result oriented Information Technology (IT) professionals. The Bsc CSIT program is designed to eqip graduates with the skills to make them efficient Information Technology professionals. As  global inclusion  of  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is expanding rapidly the demand for ICT skilled manpower is also being increased at higher rate. Beyond the hardcore expertise at present this ICT based skill is demanded in national and international market. Considering this global scenario Tribhuvan University introduced BSc CSIT a four-year semester system course. This course is more practicable, operational and compatible to the national and international market value.



BSc CSIT graduates are in demand and gain employment in a wide variety of roles such as computer programmer, systems analyst, system design, research scientist, database administrator, network engineer, web developer, computer consultant and IT managers. Successful graduates often perform research and development in exciting often areas such as artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, networking, cryptography, computer games, multimedia and robotics. 


Affiliation        : Tribhuvan University

No. of seats     : 48

Duration of Course : Four Years (Eight Semesters)

Eligibility         : Good academic record at I.Sc. /10+2 (Science Stream) or equivalent from any university recognized  by Tribhvan Unioversity. Minimum of second division marks.

Admission requirements : Good performance in entrance test conducted by Institute of Science and Technology , Tribhuvan University (ISOT-TU) and interview conducted by the college.



Prepare IT professional proficient in the use of computers and computational techniques in order to develop effective information system to solve real life problems in the organizational milieu. To offer intensive knowledge in the  theory , design, programming and application of computers. To  provide necessary knowledge in the field of functional knowledge of hardware system and the necessary knowledge of computer software system.


  1. CSC-101 Introduction to It
  2. CSC-102 Programming in C
  3. STA-103 Probability and Statistics
  4. MTH-104 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
  5. STA-108 Statistics I



  1. CSC-151 Digital
  2. CSC-152 Discrate Structure
  3. CSC-153 Microprocessor
  4. CSC-154 Data Structure and Algorithms
  5. MTH-155 Linear Algebra
  6. STA-159 Statistics II



  1. CSC-201 Computer Architecture
  2. CSC-202 Object Oriented Programming Language
  3. CSC-203 operating Systems
  4. CSC-204 Numerical Method
  5. MGT-205 Introduction  to Management



  1. CSC-251 Theory of Computation
  2. CSC-252 System of Analysis and Design
  3. CSC-253 Database Management System
  4. CSC-254 Computer Graphices
  5. CSC-255 Introduction to Cognitive Science
  6. ENG-256 Technical Writing



  1. CSC-301 Computer Network
  2. CSC-302 Simulation and Modeling
  3. CSC-303 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  4. CSC-304 Knowledge Management
  5. CSC-305 Microprocessor Based Design



  1. CSC-351 Software Engineering
  2. CSC-352 Compiler Design and Construction
  3. CSC-353 Web Technologies
  4. CSC-354 Real Time System
  5. CSC-359 Digital System Design



(Specialization Area: Database)

  1. CSC-409 Web Database and Information System
  2. CSC-410 Advance Database and Information System
  3. CSC-411 Distributed and Object Orinted Database
  4. CSC-412 Introduction to Oracle and XML
  5. CSC-413Multimedia Database



(Specialization Area: Database)

  1. CSC-459 Data warehousing and Data Mining
  2. CSC-460 Decision support and expert System
  3. CSC-461 Project on Database System
  4. CSC-462 Intership / Project

Nagarjuna college of  IT  has the excellent , highly-qualified and motivated staff. The excellent academic results achieved by the college in the past few years bear testimony to the high quality of the staff and teaching-learning environment of the college.


Ram Kumar Yadav                                MSc IT

Reg Bhandari                                        MSc IT

Bikash Balami                                       MSc IT

Gyan Prakash Joshi                              MSc IT

Arjun Sing Saud                                    MSc IT

Ramesh Sing Saud                               MSc IT

Suraj Karki                                            MSc IT

Admission Details

  • From Distrubutation: 16 Shrawan, 2076, you can collect and submit admission forms from Nagarjuna College of IT.
  • Last Date of Form submission: 9th Bhadra 2076
  • Entrance examination (written): 27 Bhadra, Friday  2076
  • Examination time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Contact   Nagarjuna College phone +977 5010670    or  5010559  for further information.
  • Limited seats,  Hurry up !!!

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Why choose Nagarjuna

  • We have a strong  area of expertise in computer science for last 11 years.
  • We have friendly educational environment in the heart of capital.
  • We focus on practical skills which help you to become better IT professional.
  • We have modern computer facilities with high bandwidth internet access.
  • Focus on industrial attachment project to help Student to get real-world experience.
  • Enough hand-on experience to make sure you have practical skills and confidence to jump into IT career.



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