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नागर्जुना कलेज आफ्नै भवनमा

Posted Date : Nov 22, 2020

नागर्जुना कलेज आफ्नै भवनमा सरेको कुरा सम्पुर्ण महानुभावहरुमा अवगत गराउन चाहन्छौ।

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CMAT /Entrance date open for BIM - BBM -BCA

Posted Date : Oct 01, 2020

CMAT / Entrance date open for BIM - BBM  - BCA

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Online Classes and Administrative section Open. -During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Posted Date : May 15, 2020

The last few weeks have been unprecedented as the COVID 19 disrupts normal life like never before.


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